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Pakistan in 2017

CPEC is very renowned project in Pakistan these days. According to Government it is fate changer or game changer of Pakistan.

                                         I was thinking that in our Books we learned that Agriculture is back bone of Pakistan . Agriculture of Pakistan if i explain little bit water managed this is ignored sector of Govt of Punjab and Federal . Second Forestation which is very vital for economic as well as environmental purpose and for beauty which is ignored section both Punjab and Federal Govt.

Similar case with live stock , Pakistan is second producer of Buffalo milk after after India in the word which is also neglected part of Pakistan Government.

Crops and rice crop or other are not getting attention of Govt. and no support price is fixed in country.

Now Favorite area of Govt is Roads motorway if any honest and independent architecture see the drawing and road in terms of cost, flexibility, economy, effectiveness, and future return that is excellent even…