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Role of Governments of Subcontinent Countries

Government role is multidimensional which includes economic , educational, social, environmental,foreign policy role, industrial policy and many more.

Here I would like to encompass  only Global warming and apathy   of Subcontinent Governments.
I am writing about Pakistan India especially. Role of Government in economic, social,cultural and overall vision of the society. I only focus on Environmental changes.  World Temperature is increasing in Pakistan some areas temperature during day time reached up to 50 degree Centigrade. Even Lahore temperature went up to 47 degree Centigrade. Global warming is an international issue. Both countries if only make investment in forest both have reasonable rainfall suitable for forest. If forest are properly planted and cared in both countries , temperature of sub-continent can be decreased up to 2 to 3 degree Centigrade with in coming five years and onward. Forest have not only economic advantage have many other advantages like food of live stock…

Future of Pakistan Viewing in 2016

Future of Pakistan is to be categorized  in different aspects we will take it shortly one by one .
Economic Future. As Tax revenue are increasing but exports are decreasing, Foreign Remittances are increasing but industry and foreign investment is decreasing . China investment is coming but small roads are being ignored. Education institution are increasing but employment is not increasing . Industrial estates in different small cities are being constructed but no factories are being installed. Purpose to say Agriculture back bone of Pakistan is under pressure and government is also ignoring . Similarly floods are there but no proper water management is Govt Priority. Bank deposits in banks are increasing similarly Govt borrowing are continuously increasing. Conclusion is that  no sector is Govt specific priority Industry, agriculture, education, law in order, justice but Taxes . In simple Economy of Pakistan category is medium.

Social sectors customs , traditions , cast system, town…