Future of Pakistan Viewing in 2016

Future of Pakistan is to be categorized  in different aspects we will take it shortly one by one .
Economic Future. As Tax revenue are increasing but exports are decreasing, Foreign Remittances are increasing but industry and foreign investment is decreasing . China investment is coming but small roads are being ignored. Education institution are increasing but employment is not increasing . Industrial estates in different small cities are being constructed but no factories are being installed. Purpose to say Agriculture back bone of Pakistan is under pressure and government is also ignoring . Similarly floods are there but no proper water management is Govt Priority. Bank deposits in banks are increasing similarly Govt borrowing are continuously increasing. Conclusion is that  no sector is Govt specific priority Industry, agriculture, education, law in order, justice but Taxes . In simple Economy of Pakistan category is medium.

Social sectors customs , traditions , cast system, town planning, cities developments, and housing management has low chances of improvement.

Political challenges are there relation with India, Afghanistan and Iran are not very good. But Pakistan Army is strong , Army has local support. Any how no peace and not big turmoil.

Some positive point Pakistan has good infrastructure, people are hard  worker, people are content, cheapest city of the world, good strategic location connection oil rich countries and exporting countries like China. Oil prices are low that is good sign for Pakistan economy. Interest rate has gone low. But foreign investment is decreasing .

Pakistan has to focus on result oriented agriculture, industrial, housing, educational , Trade, Roads, Forests, live stock, culture, Terrorism, Justice system, law in order, foreign policy  which can bring positive changes in country other wise difference between rich and poor will increase continuously.

Army has substantial influence over the politics of Pakistan foreign policy  of supporting Taliban has failed in Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Global warming is not managed by Governments and other institutions. Subsidies of Govt. has no specific direction , no body can understand what are priorities of Pakistan establishment.

Only very popular hope is China Pakistan economic Corridor . Balance of Trade with china is already negative , what will be future of already underpressure and sick industry of Pakistan . Time will tell all these facts. But we can not present very rosy picture of Pakistan.

In nutshell social , cultural, political, religious, economical , security,justice and freedom positive changes will come but at a very, very slow pace. Only Government can enhance this pace by its reforms.