Motorways and Pakistan

In Pakistan  population is evenly scattered throughout the area except Blochistan. That is why Pakistan need scatted roads to cover all population needs. But Motorway culture is started by Nawaz Sharif . As one type of corruption is the defalcation of funds this most common and understood by our people, I am discussing other type of corruption in which funds are not defalcated but the out come of these funds is use less this is called policy corruption. As Distance from Lahore to Pindi is 280 Kilometer but Nawaz Sharif Government made Motor Way which is 340 Kilometer. Opportunity cost of Motor is very heigh if u made motor way via  Hafiz Abad, to Mandi Bahuldin, then near to Chakwal it is only 240 kilometer . You can save Rs. 100 Billion in terms of cost of road. So you can say 100 Billion is wasted on Road and many billion are wasted on Fuel , mantinance, time is very precious and many more. Similarly Lahore to Faisal Abad Distance is 165 Kilometer through Motor way it can be only 110 kilometer through Jaranwala, Shariq Pur and to Chung , then you can enter in to centre of Lahore. It is a corruption , i can not tell you in terms of fuel , time etc.

Shahzad Akram